One Tree Hill One Tree Hill
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myheartbeatsinreverse: I love you're blog!!! I was thinking about rewatching OTH but now I'm totally going to! You're blog makes me sentimental, and I miss all of the best parts of the show. So thank you :)

Thanks so much and Aw your very welcome :)

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Peyton Sawyer: One Tree hill
this accurately describes how i’m feeling at least once a day

8 Peyton caps per episode: 1x06 Every Night Is Another Story
Happy #othday everyone Already 10 years since it first aired… Can’t believe it, wow! Thank you for all those life lessons, those beautiful relations that were belt during 9 years, those amazing places, those reliable quotes, but mostly thank you for being a part of our childhood. Forever in our hearts. September 23th, 2003 - April 4th, 2012 
—-I did not type this credit goes to an OTH fan page (theres only one tree hill and its your home)  on facebook! I couldn’t have wrote it better myself though.—-